Our Story




In 1946, Knoedler Manufacturers began a long tradition of combining solid proven seating technology with high quality craftsmanship. Frederick E Knoedler received one of the first patents in seat suspension systems and began to revolutionize seating for both on and off highway applications.

Over the years, Knoedler has evolved into a high quality seating brand that services fleets and OEM’s throughout the US and Canada with quality and durability that stand second to none.

Knoedler continues to evolve and implement new solutions for driver’s health, comfort, safety and retention issues that are at the forefront of fleet challenges today.

In 2012, Knoedler launched the first truck seat designed with innovative ProBax™ technology. Drivers of all shapes and sizes together are re-positioned to a healthy supported posture that increases blood flow, decreases fatigue and increases overall awareness. The new seat provides both a proactive measure against injury as well as a solution for drivers that currently suffer from back pain. ProBax™ has been the catalyst to get drivers back on the road and a key contributor to overall driver retention.

Knoedler also employs symantec measures such as intuitive seat controls at arm’s length reach, that allow to make adjustments without leaving the upright driving position.

Unlike low cost seating options, Knoedler takes pride in the use of high quality materials and control procedures that increase the life expectancy and performance of each seat. As a result, fleets using the Knoedler seat can experience increased time behind the wheel and decreased truck down time due to service issues.

Knoedler’s focus is on continuous improvement while remaining loyal to the “Knoedler Million Milers” that have found a Knoedler seat to be key to a long career in truck driving. Knoedler believes that all drivers should have the best comfort during the countless hours on the road.

Experience the difference.